Devlog – Truck Trials – Trampoline – 9 September 2018

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Food Poisoning For The Win

I have not really managed to get much done in the last two weeks, I got hit by food poisoning last weekend and that pretty much wiped me out for the week.  Being a solo indie dev means that it is pretty easy for life to get in the way.

Upgrades Done – Needs Testing

I did manage to get the upgrade system working (in the first week), in the end it required me to rewrite quite a lot of my code.  I feel a bit like MacGyver (Anderson, not the new guy) with some of my code, it is held together with a lot of metaphorical duct tape.

I have played the game through from beginning to end a few times and found a number of bugs that have come about as a result of my re-coding, but I still feel that there are more.


One of the cool things about the player being able to add their own items to a map is that the trampoline that I coded a long time ago now has a home.  I coded it up, but never ended up including it in the original game.

Once again, if anyone wants to help a solo indie dev out by testing then please send me an email or join my facebook group below.


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